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My Brother Yardy

We are all apart of God's big plan, we all will play a role

We may not understand his ways or know when he'll call us home

Dwayne lived his life, he enjoyed his life and I know he did it all

Some things I learned from Dwayne's life I'll take along with me

Enjoy your life, love your life, and help others along the way

And thank the Lord while you're alive each and every day.

In Loving Memory of Dwanye Dwyer aka Yardy
Brother, Son, Father, Friend
October 31,1983 - April 4 ,2014

Dwanye Dwyer was one of many who were taken away too soon

By Donating to Yardy Forever, You would be:

Helping their grieving families

Dwanye would always put his family first above everything else even when they get on his nerves and vice versa. He was tough guy with a soft heart and his family misses him dearly!


Supporting their abandoned children

The only person Dwanye would love more than him self was his son. And why wouldn't he? Kimarley Dwyer is a spitting image of his father. From his looks to his attitude. It is not a strectch to say he misses his father the most. Stay strong young Kimarley!